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Product Type

Different types of product to meet your requirement.

               -  Two (2) Layers Laminated Packaging Material Combination.
               -  Three (3) Layers Laminated Packaging Material Combination.
Remarks: Printing or without printing is available for above materials.

Product Form

User friendly packaging design.

  • Roll Form                             

roll form

  • Bag Form                               

    • Side seal (without self-adhesive tape)
    • Side seal (c/w self-adhesive tape)
    • Pillow case
    • Bottom Seal
    • Singlet Bag or T Shirt Bag
    • 3 Side Seal
    • Centre Seal
    • Centre Seal with Gusset
    • Stand Pouch             
  eg : PP / PE / LDPE / HDPE Plastic Bag
  bag form bottom seal
  eg : PP / PE / LDPE / HDPE Plastic Bag
  bag form gusset bag
 eg : OPP Self Adhesive Clear Plastic Bag 

 bag form side seal with self adhesive tape at body 
 eg: OPP Self Adhesive Clear Plastic Bag with Pearl Header

  bag form side seal bag with header and self adhesive tape at leaf

  • Sheet form

    • Square sheet
    • Rectangle sheet
    • Round sheet
 square sheet            rectangle sheet       round sheet

Advantages of Polyolefin (POF) Shrink Film:

Packaging Innovation

New generation of packaging material - Green concept.

Physical Properties

POF is a very high strength film & high resistance to tear & wear. No crispy feel like PVC. It is soft & high flexibility to shape into different forms. Since POF has higher shrinkage performance than PVC, it delivers better wrapping appearance.

Operating Requirement

POF requires higher temperature than PVC for shrinking effect. Hence, it has higher thermal stability during transportation & storage. It works well with manual, semi-automatic or automatic heat shrink equipment.


POF is well-known as environmental friendly packaging material & has no odor. Since current market is directed by ECO friendly concept, POF is now widely accepted & used as alternative or substitution of conventional packaging material.

Cost Saving Opportunities

For high speed packaging, labor intensive packaging operation & complex packaging SKU, we recommend POF.

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